Workscape: New Spaces For New Function

Workscape: New Spaces for New Work Hardcover by S. Borges, S. Ehmann, R. Klanten


Clever and occasionally even breathtaking, these new spaces promote new forms of function, creativity, and collaboration. The way we function is at the moment undergoing fundamental modifications. Thanks to globalization and digitalization on the a single hand and evolving corporate cultures, collaboration approaches, functioning procedures, and hierarchical structures on the other, a variety of new possibilities are opening up for each employers and employees. These promising possibilities, nevertheless, bring along substantial challenges for the architecture of our workplaces –and those who would like to use them.

Workscape ($40, hardcover) reveals how the architecture of our operating globe is changing to keep up with these new developments. The book characteristics an outstanding choice of examples from world-well-known architects who are implementing projects for large, revolutionary firms, and pushing architectonic and aesthetic boundaries in the method. These consist of OMA / Rem Koolhaas for McKinsey & Business in Hong Kong, Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle for the Urban Outfitterscampus in Philadelphia, Hofman Dujardin Architects for eneco’s headquarters in Rotterdam, and 3Xn for saxo Bank in Copenhagen.

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