3 Functions, Two Pieces, 1 Super Transforming Furnishings Hero

superbambi 1

Multifunctional furniture is typically some of the most inventive and entertaining furnishings, and the Superbambi is no exception. The Superbambi from Scoope Design and style is composed of 2 pieces: a white base, and a vibrant orange piece that slots into distinct positions as required.

superbambi 2

The orange piece is exactly where the Superbambi gets its name it appears a bit like a superhero’s cape extending from the white base. In one position, it is a straightforward chair.

superbambi 3

Get rid of the orange piece and the Superbambi becomes an finish table or a child’s writing desk. The orange piece, placed on its wide finish, can be used as a coat rack or bedside butler.

superbambi 4

When the orange piece is slotted into the bottom set of holes with its “feet” on the ground, Superbambi is a step stool that lets tiny ones extend their attain.

superbambi 5

This small transforming wonder, with its rearranging parts and multiple utilizes, is a terrific example of simple yet sophisticated design. No specific tools or expertise are necessary to switch functions the 2 pieces and the pre-cut holes are self-explanatory and lend the Superbambi a sense of nearly toy-like fun.

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