Colorful Versatile Foam Molds Into Candy-Like Furniture

hard candy stools

Can you imagine what it would really feel like to sit on a pile of brightly-colored cotton candy? Designer Jojo Chuang‘s Difficult Candy series isn’t practically as soft (or as sticky) as the tooth-rotting treat, but it is just as whimsical in look.

hard candy chair

The designer uses a versatile foaming agent mixed with dyes to form the swirling stools and armchair in the Style Candy series. Exploring the unusual strategy of forming the material results in furnishings that looks as even though it is dripping and actively swirling with pigments.

colored foam furniture

Mixing layers upon layers of differently-colored foam, Chuang’s creations appear like one thing straight out of a surrealist painting. Each and every one particular is distinctive, exhibiting distinct shapes and suggestions of movement.

colorful graphic hard candy stools

With his background in graphic design and style, Chuang wanted to discover strategies for bringing graphic elements into physical type. The Tough Candy collection adds virtual colors and shapes to a physical kind whilst generating objects of pure exciting.

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