Finest Interior Design Copy of 2016

10. A Modular Apartment in Tel Aviv with a Cool Staircase
A penthouse that created a feeling of privacy between the parent’s and children’s areas, while designing the living spaces to be large and spacious.


9. A Cramped NYC Apartment Becomes a Light-Filled Loft
CHUA were hired to transform an 800 square foot apartment on top of the West Side of Manhattan into a light-filled loft that felt more spacious.


8. A 50’s Madrid Home Becomes Modern & Welcoming
Egue y Seta took a 50’s home in Madrid from outdated to a welcoming space for a young couple with kids with staggered floors and a gabled roof at the top.


7. An Apartment Renovation for Family Gatherings
An apartment in Taiwan underwent a modern transformation led by Z-AXIS DESIGN to make the main living space bigger for quality time with family.


6. Nap Bar Invites You to Have a Break and Recharge
Smarin are recognized for their nap-friendly lounge pieces and the France-based studio completed an installation in Dubai called the Nap Bar.


5. Take full advantage of a Small Space with this Multifunctional Loft System
A 500 square foot urban condo needed more function so a pre-fabricated loft that packs a multitude of functions into its compact design was created.


4. A little Budapest Apartment Designed for Travelers
Dubbed AIRBN’P, this tiny apartment in Budapest was created by Position Collective to be a fun place to stay for style-loving people planing a trip to the area.


3. An Industrial Loft in Prague
Loft Hřebenky can be an 85 square meter modern, industrial flat in a fresh building in Prague, which Formafatal was tasked with designing.


2 . Upgrade Your IKEA Furniture with one of these Easy Hacks and Some ideas
Raise your IKEA furniture with brands that found ways to give basic IKEA a facelift or just just a little upgrade with doors, legs, and slipcovers.

And the most popular home design post of 2016 is…


1 . Hot Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2016
We visited KBIS in Nevada last January, and discovered some unexpected and exciting trends in kitchen and bath design.

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