Landmark Monument In Tianjin Rafael De La-Hoz

Spanish architect Rafael de La-Hoz unveils the design and style for a landmark monument in Tianjin (China), for TEDA´s 30 years of existence.

Rafael de La Hoz Mionument TEDA day02 640x813 Landmark monument in Tianjin Rafael de La Hoz

courtesy Rafael de La-Hoz

TEDA (Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Region) is a gateway opening to the outdoors world, located at the heartland of the Bohai Financial Rim, in the core area of Tianjin Binhai New Location. As a single of the first national bases for China’s sophisticated industrial and financial reform and innovation, the landmark monument aimed to represent the significance of TEDA’s 30 years of existence, as a liveable ecological atmosphere and a prosperous and harmonious platform of China’s new economy.

Rafael de La Hoz Monument TEDA night process02 Landmark monument in Tianjin Rafael de La Hoz

courtesy Rafael de La-Hoz

5 planet-renowned teams had been invited to produce a style for a 60m new landmark monument below the theme “Beautiful TEDA”, which promoted a beautiful natural ecology and comfy living environments for the region.

The design by Rafael de La-Hoz, below the title “A Reduce amongst heaven and earth”, is driven by an work to analyze the procedure of abstraction and reinterpretation of the website. Alternatively of locating the object on the road junction, the new location enables a far more balanced dialogue with the current buildings to provide a balanced space in-between. The monument examines the vital hyperlink in between sustainability and beauty and can be further visually interpreted employing estimates of the fixation distance.

Rafael de La Hoz Monument TEDA night process04 low 640x904 Landmark monument in Tianjin Rafael de La Hoz

courtesy Rafael de La-Hoz

It is a singular project, special for this site. The mirror which appears at the best is created to reflect a ray of light especially visible on December 6th to commemorate the birth of TEDA. For the duration of the evening, 2 bodies, material and virtual, materialize to produce the complete figure: the Immaterial Gateway.

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