Property With A Heart


This private loved ones home with a heart in Rome has been remodeled and modernized to allow the occupants to live a much more social life and also display their in depth art collection correctly. Formerly 2 floors separated by a rather cramped and public stair well the home has now been enhanced and joined by the addition of a new and grand staircase. The remodeling of the property was not without a few problems but has turned out really well and is now a home that the owners are proud of.

One particular entire floor of the property necessary updating from 50′s décor to a significantly far more modern style which included generating the rooms far more open and accessible. Walls have been removed, hidden lighting installed and the whole of the home was offered a light and airy feel with the support of a neutral color scheme. The soft furnishing, art and furniture are a reflection of the characters of the owners and all stand proudly on display. This comfy property has warm maple floors, a modern bathroom with all of the newest technologies and great views of the city.

The new stairway has turn out to be a feature in its own appropriate and has changed the lives of the occupants drastically. The stairs themselves appear to float in mid air and are a great example of modern day engineering.

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