Jesolo Lido Pool Villa In Italy By JM Architecture

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The Jesolo Lido Pool Villa is the initial of a improvement for 9 single household residences by JM Architecture, located in the beach town of Jesolo Lido, Italy. The villa is a custom made prefabricated wood structure, and it was constructed and furnished in only 6 months. Power-saving high standards have been applied to the shell to assure maximum comfort and almost zero charges throughout the 4 seasons. The building characteristics wood structures as a flexible and anti-seismic system which also avoids thermal bridges. The 31 centimeters of perimeter insulation, argon-gas insulated glass facades, 10 kw of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof and the interior / exterior led light fixtures co-operate in generating a technologically modern building. Due to the fact of the little dimensions of the plot, the design goal has been directed in leaving as much open space as feasible.

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The indoor living area has transparent sides which opens towards 2 various-sized patios. The largest one particular, to the west, attributes a long swimming pool, which requires the entire length of the space, and 2 planted square inserts. An olive tree is the primary 3-dimensional element in the patio and it’s placed subsequent to the staircase which leads to the underground level, exactly where the storage and technical rooms are located.

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The smaller patio, to the east, also features 2 planted inserts with one more olive tree to counter balance the other side. The outdoor areas, as a client’s principal request, necessary to be low upkeep, so most of the surface was paved and the plants in the inserts where selected in order to reside with the least care feasible. The 4-meter roof overhang to the west permits to have sufficient shading throughout the hot summer season months and enables to spot a covered outside seating and dining areas.

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Interiors are custom developed with common JMA solutions, like audio/video walls, custom made strong-surface kitchen, motorized roller shades which disappear into the dropped ceiling for maximum continuity of indoor-outdoor locations, integrated indirect lighting and house automated electrical method.

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The radiant floor heating method is powered with an electric heat pump which takes the energy from the photovoltaic panels. The air-conditioning system is fully integrated in the dropped ceiling with linear diffusers and hidden intakes. As constantly for JMA, the pursuit of simplicity and linear solutions represented a massive portion of the style perform.

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Images: Jacopo Mascheroni

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