Manic Modernism

Following a weekend of antiquing, I’m ready to get back to finishing up some boards for a client presentation. I’ve got a new client with a stunning new residence in downtown Austin that I’m designing. I’m thrilled about working on it due to the fact its such a hip modern pad. I’m on the hunt for mega inspiration in the contemporary sector. I’ve taken a fancy to something especially chic, a clean and modern day home with a neutral palate and it just has me daydreaming of how cozy and chic contemporary can be.

From the rug to the ceiling, every single detail is calm and so so soft. I love the cowhide point taking place on the ceiling, not certain what it is but I’m loving what its performing for this space. Then I notice how soft that white rug have to be, which does every little thing for this room. I also adore the petrified wood tables. They offer you a contrast to the stark white furnishings. Yes and yes.

The ar2rk is also neutral but so modern and sophisticated. I’m absolutely all for that. Specially in the bedroom exactly where contemporary is produced to look a small bit a lot more feminine here. There is some thing about this bedroom that I am drawn to. Possibly its the modern side tables that are lighter than usual, or the lamps with white and a red contrasting appeal. Oh, and verify out the mirrored bathroom. It’s hunting pretty snazzy in there to me. As a lot as I’m a lot more dramatic than this basic, modern day look, I could totally add some of this to my design and style sensibilities. 
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pictures through planet deco via nuevo estilo

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