Settling Down In Latvia And Some Inspiring Commercial Styles

Final week was a bit crazy and I even didn’t have time to create about our move to Latvia, which, I require to say, went quite smooth. Now am really busy with unpacking our stuff and ongoing property renovation, as nicely as attempting to help my husband with his function. The cause we moved to Riga was his new job: this year he will be opening a boutique-style hotel correct in the centre of the Old City. I will definitely write much more about this project as lengthy as it goes. At the moment we are thinking challenging about idea of the future hotel. Final week we devoted to sight inspections of other hotels in Riga. We saw some incredible styles and interesting tips which I would like to share with you in this post.

We began our tour from getting a coffee in the Riga Black Balsam Bar. It is positioned in the antique building and the design of the place is aimed to help and highlight its historic worth. I definitely loved how the entrance to the cellar was converted to the amusing display with old books and vintage bottles. Related show was used to decorate 1 of the walls, where plenty of old style drawers supply lots of storage space:

restaurant in riga

Subsequent place we visited was “Royal Square” hotel. Once entering the lobby, you comprehend that the highlight of this hotel is extraordinary and memorable style. Lobby is decorated in black, which is a perfect colour for commercial style, providing masculine chic, optical illusion of limitless space and originality. Lately, I have written how nicely black looks together with warm brown leather, and this charming interior is an additional proof of that. 1 impractical feature to hold in thoughts although is that dirt and dust on the black tiles gets super visible, which is especially problematic for the duration of the rainy season. There is practically no answer for this issue: you either allocate a particular person with a mop in the lobby, or you decide on one more a lot more feasible answer.


Space which amazed me most of all in this hotel was its restaurant. Will not say that I am a massive lover of kitschy modern day furnishings in rococo style, but there had been many genuinely cool design decisions, which make this place attractive and outstanding. Amongst them: ancient draw-nicely covered with glass, phantasmagoric lighting, wall decor with dry trees and private all-in-stone dining space:



It might be a tiny scary to sit over the bottomless pit, but what a “wow” impact it has!


These wonderful pending lights and chandelier just took my breath away:


Genuinely loved this cozy and intimate space, and also help the selection of designers to combine “old” and “new” – rococo style chairs collectively with contemporary industrial lamp: 

Under are 2 hotel lobbies, proving the fact that any space can be made outstanding by only putting there spectacular chandelier:



In this lobby I liked intriguing wall finishing resembling the shape of leaf nerves:


And lastly my favourite hotel area:


We will continue our research and I will hold you posted about wonderful style tips that we see.

By the way, the weather final week was absolutely beautiful – plus 10 degrees Celsium, sunny and no wind, which is extremely unusual for Latvia for this time of the year. Nonetheless the nature took revenge this weekend and we had virtually 15 millimeters of snow fallen outside. Hopefully it is a short strike by the weather and we will return quickly to what it was, when I just arrived:



By the way, I want to seek for some advise from you. I would really grateful, if you could answer the following questions:

1) Have you ever stayed in modest boutique or loved ones style hotels?

2) What was the most memorable encounter/service/facility/amenities or possibly design for the duration of your remain?

Your response will be considerably appreciated as we are now open to any tips and want to open the greatest hotel in Riga.

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