Turkish Walks With Photogrpaher Olga Emrullah


These words of wisdom by Oprah Winfrey come to my mind when I consider of my quite talented friend – Olga Emrullah. Her remarkable photography always inspires me and opens to me a new, fascinating planet, which she sees by way of the lenses of her camera

We met virtually 8 years ago in sunny and carefree Maldives, where we employed to live. She just created her first, however confident methods in expert photography and thanks to her I still have some of my favourite snapshots, taken in the most stunning spot in the planet.

Right after Maldives Olga moved to Antalya and given that then Turkey is 1 of her main muses. I don’t know why, but Turkey usually excited and attracted me too. It remains 1 of the countries, where I seek and constantly discover inspiration for my interior design job. Kaleidoscope of colours on the oriental bazaar, tribal rugs and kilims, handmade ceramics with intricate patterns and luxurious textiles –  there is so much you can locate and fall in adore in this remarkable nation.

What I adore about Olga’s operates, is the constructive power coming from her photographs. They are complete of colours, light and life. But then once more, like Turkey itself! These days I invite you to take a walk about its hidden corners and possibly, learn it from the side you by no means knew about.  Enjoy!





OE 2

OE 3

OE 5






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