20 Acre Of Rustic Design With Stunning Views Of Lone Mountain And Beehive Basin


Would you rather stare at a skyscraper all of the afternoon or glare at some stunning mountain views? You have the possibility to choose for the latter if you try and live in this wonderful log home. Part of a 20 acre estate from Beehive Basin, Montana, will give the inhabitant a wonderful experience close to nature, while offering the comfort of a modern home. Built in 2002 with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (and an extra half-bathroom) – all decorated in style – the beautiful construction is very welcoming to inhabitants and guests alike. The interior design has nice finishes and the wood is superbly highlighted. The rustic decor supplements the overall design of the log home. Wood heating and wood furniture is a constant remainder that you are in the embrace of the mountains and forest.


Even though the residence is fitted with functioning electricity, electronic appliances, and a lot of other luxurious gadgets like a Jacuzzi hot tub which might keep you tied indoors, it’;s advised you hike out and explore the splendid surroundings, like the Beehive Lakes or Creek. The log home also has a 2 space garage attached to the main building, so leaving for the city in a moment of emergency is no stress. But the whole experience of living in this mountain side log home is something that will leave you stress-free.


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