Cozy CatBurger


Everyone knows cats are formidable companions and lovers of fluffy objects. There isn’;t a picture involving a cat, on the internet that hasn’;t raised an exclamation of cuteness from the viewer. If you are among those persons, you will want to give your lovely pet a cute and clever nest. The hamburger-shaped nest is 48 by 40 by 16 cm and can be positioned everywhere in the house. Made out of plush, it only weighs less than half a kilo. Highly recommended if your floors don’t have any rug on them (or underground heating for that matter). This way, your pet can have a warm place to sit and relax for a while before curiously going on new adventures on your couch and curtains. The 2 pillows composing it are attached to each other in 4 points, leaving 4 holes, one in each side, for the cat to crawl in. Suited for napping or just hiding from any new guests that walk into your home, the cat-burger pillows are a sure way of showing your pet you care about it and will make sure it has a comfortable existence. The cuteness effect on friends and guests who see it is just a bonus!

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