DIY Candy Stand Out Of Bottles

bottles-candy-standAt your next party amaze your guests with a handmade decoration for your cakes and sweets at the party. Those delicious sweets will look amazing if you have the perfect cake stand for them and everyone will remember your party. For the candy stand you will need:


Take the old record and make some small holes around the middle of it. Take the wooden stick and place it in the middle of the record. Then, with the help of the cutter cut the bottles in small pieces as shown in the picture. Don’;t forget to clean the bottles first. You will be using the bottom part of the bottles. Drill some holes in the middle of the bottle and place them on the wood stick and on the record (see the pictures for guidance). Apply some glue on the bottom of the cut bottles to fix them on the record. Spray the whole structure with paint and let it dry. You can now start planning your next party where you will be able to use your new candy stand.


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