DIY Hook Knit Baby Booties


Baby clothes can be quite expensive, and the downside is that children grow so fast, that investing in a lot of baby clothes can make a big whole in your budget. A simple and elegant solution is to try and make some of those clothes yourself, such as knitted slippers and shoes. These next knitted Ugg-Boots are adorable and for those of you who have spare time and like knitting, they will be quick and easy to make. They are most suitable for children between 0-6 months and you will only need:

• 50 g of beige yarn;
• yarn remnants (darker colors);
• one 3,5 hook;
creativity and patience;
• a piece of cardboard (to use as template for the foot);


When it comes to knitting, you can choose between a wide variety of patterns. Make sure to choose the one that is more familiar to you or if you are a beginner, choose a simple pattern that looks nice too. Remember to use the piece of cardboard to measure the foot of your baby. Place their foot on the cardboard and trace around it with a pencil to get the exact size of the foot. This piece of cardboard will guide you when making the Ugg-Boots. For exact details on how to make the same boots and recreate the pattern from the picture, see the next link for details and step by step guidance.


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