DIY Tardis Cat Fort


We don’t really know if pets watch movies and shows for fun or the TV sets and monitors are just in their glare’s way. Either way, the thought of dogs, cats or any kind of animal acting like human beings is most common between pet owners and others. That’s why a big part of the internet is filled with pictures and videos of dog car-drivers or cat chefs. But when you are a big fan of a book, movie, or TV show, you’re about to surround yourself with memorabilia from that certain source of entertainment. And if you share the home with a pet, their pretty sure to end up `loving` the things you love.

Cat-Fort-1 Cat-Fort-2 Cat-Fort-3 Cat-Fort-4 Cat-Fort-5 Cat-Fort-6 Cat-Fort-7 Cat-Fort-8 Cat-Fort-9 Cat-Fort-10 Cat-Fort-11 Cat-Fort-12

Here is an impressive DIY project for all the Dr. Who fans out there. Turn your cat into a fan as well by building it a Tardis Cat Fort! The phone booth that resembles the one-of-a-kind time machine from the popular show is made from wood and fitted with fluffy rug for your cat’s comfort. It requires a week’;s long work, but the results will make you feel so into the show; even though your cat is the only one really using it, and not to time travel! This handcrafted marvel delivers 3 levels and a rooftop scratching heaven for your little furry buddy. Make sure to paint the outside in the unmistaken blue color of the Tardis and let the fun times begin!

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