How To Make A Terra-Cotta Herb Tower


Gardening should be something both easy to make and pleasing to the eye. Today you will find out how to make a beautiful Terra-Cotta Tower or `tree` of herbs. It’s very useful for every gardener to have them all in a convenient place, and also makes the space and design so much appealing. In order to achieve this project, you will need to have the following items:

• 5 planters (terra-cotta is recommended);
• a soilless potting mix;
• and a bunch of assorted herbs;

The secret behind this is using some if the pots in an upside down manner. Start by placing the large planter where you will want your tree to be; it’;s hard to move it afterward. Turn a smaller pot upside down and center it in the large one. The distance between the 2 rings of the pots should be 6 inches. Pour soilless mix in this gap. Do the same with another couple of planters, this time a bit smaller than the first 2. The space should be 4 inches. A final (fifth) small pot will go on top. Plant your herbs in the soil and marvel at what you have achieved in less than an hour’;s work. Congratulations, you now have a great tower of herbs!


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