Tiny Log Cabin


You won’;t believe what a nice cabin log 9000 $ can bring you. If you were searching for a cozy place in which to spend the night while engaging in a wildlife adventure for the weekend. The 140 square feet residence has skids which give you the possibility to move to the location you desire. With a 7.5 by 10 feet interior, done from Colorado pine and covered in a coat of polyurethane, you will be engulfed in a rustic ambiance. The furniture and decorations are hand picked to offer a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Don’;t worry about the drop in temperature over the nights; the cabin is warmed via a small propane heater and self-venting corner fireplace. You won’t even notice you are in the middle of nature with this amount of facilities. Don’t worry though, the natural experience won’t be suppressed because the above mentioned specs are carefully blended in the whole design. Adding an 8 by 3 feet covered porch to the whole structure gives you the feeling of home away from home. Use this petite cabin log for an inspirational retreat or a romantic get-away. Either way, it’;s an inspired investment that you will fall in love with.

tiny-log-cabin-1 tiny-log-cabin-2 tiny-log-cabin-3 tiny-log-cabin-4 tiny-log-cabin-5 tiny-log-cabin-6

tiny-log-cabin-8source: https: Chris Cillian Creative


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