Tow Mater Chair


A chair could be not just a chair but also a playful cartoon character. This project will show you exactly how to make a chair in the shape of Tow Mater from the popular animation movie Cars.That’s a nice surprise for your kid. Here is the list of items you will need in order to complete the project. Good luck!

• a 1 by 4, 8-inch length piece of wood;
• a couple 1 by 2, 8-inch length piece of wood;
• 2 1 by 3, 8-inch length piece of wood;
• one and a quarter inch screws;
• a bunch of 2-inch screws;
• a can of wood glue;
some wood filler;
• primer;
paint and brush;
• a measuring tape;
• some 120 grit sandpaper;
• a square;
• some wood conditioner;
• a pencil;
• a level;
• a circular saw;
• a jigsaw;
• some hearing protection and safety glasses;

The instructions are pretty clear, especially if you have experience of working with wood and building small pieces of furniture. When finishing the full set of building instructions, just paint it according to the color scheme provided in the photos. Afterward, put some wheels (just for design, they don’;t need to be functioning wheels) on each side of the chair and decorate with the towing hook. It looks wonderful! Your kid will want to sit on it for hours on and hours on end. Not exactly what you’d expect when thinking about a toy, but it works well for both of you.

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