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Animaze: Multifunctional Pieces of furniture that Boosts Kids to experience

Whether youre looking for delightful kids interior decoration or some thing they can get, the Animaze collection is mostly a ridiculously attractive option. Created by Ekaterina Shchetina and Indipendente Rutilo involving DesignLibero, the particular kid-friendly pieces feature padded animals that will rest within solid wood traces that can be enjoyed together or perhaps separately. Typically the five pets or animals act as a new playful seat, a stool, a new pouf, unit table, as well as a rocking equine that encourage your children to communicate, entertain, and possess fun. Read More

Nursery Furniture By Bunny & Clyde That’s Inspired by Family Heirlooms

These days, modern design is available in a wide range of prices (thankfully for us design aficionados) but before the days of flat-packed furniture and mass produced trends, furniture were usually family heirlooms, handmade from quality materials and intended to be passed down from generation to generation. They were timeless pieces that got better with age and had a story to be shared to every new owner. These days, it’s not easy to find such keepsakes, at least that’s what Nathalie Vos, Lisa Vos, and Mariëtte Bergh of Bunny and Clyde found out. When it came time to find quality nursery designs for their own families, they came up empty handed, and decided to create their own range of nursery furniture. Read More