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Alien-Like Planter Lamps From Goula / Figuera Studio

You might have had the capacity to tell that individuals weren’t totally sure points to call these kinds of. Viride is extremely unique plus interesting we haven’t possibly gotten the name on their behalf yet. Goula / Figuera Studio, which in turn designed Viride, calls this a collection of “experimental luminaries”, which usually brings together a couple of common things found in homes—artificial lighting together with flora. Acknowledge that oftentimes botánica needs sun light to prosper, which is not at all times available in properties, Goula and Figuera Business decided to fix that need having a specific design and style object not only shows home crops, but also makes certain that it provides the lighting it requires. Read More

Vintage Textile Floor Pillows from Kelly Behun Studio

Fresh off her successful pop-up shop, A Kook Milieu, and a brilliant capsule collection, Kelly Behun has launched an accumulation of floor pillows made from vintage Moroccan textile rugs. Their bold patterns, playful colors, and rich textures translate perfectly to pillows, where you almost forget they were ever rugs in the beginning. Each pillow is one-of-a-kind and they’re available through 1stdibs. Read More